Can you believe that it has been 11 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

"Being a shuttle driver for the Race and Pedagogy Initiative when I was just a 1st year at UPS and smartphones were not widely accessible (I learned my way around Tacoma quite well). Going rock climbing at Edgeworks every Friday evening with my Trimble suitemates. The 1st time experiencing a Northwest spring and all the flowers and greenery!" - Rob Wellington '11, MAT '12

"Living in a house and taking classes with my best friends." - Kim Dill-McFarland '11

"Leading OLE trips for PSO on the Olympic coast. Being a passages leader. Placing 3rd at D3 Nationals with the Ultimate Team." - Kevin Chambers '11

"Passages, outdoor trips, living off campus with friends." - Will Eberle '11

"Friends." - Cead Nardie-Warner '11

"Living in the FLAC house freshman year.  Adelphians everyday, The Cellar pizza." - Darek Brotemarkle '11

"Pizza at the Cellar. RDG. Late night talks and study sessions with sorority sisters." - Stephanie Baugh '11

"Hanging out with friends in the practice rooms and goofing around on each other's instruments, my friends and parking in the top floor library before finals, presenting my thesis." - Danielle Acheampong '11

"I have so many good ones! Rowing as the sun rose on American Lake; having a good time with my friends; developing my analytical skills in conjunction with excellent and daring professors." - Chelsea Hansen '11

"The amazing experience of living in FLAC house with other people who were passionate about foreign languages and cultures. Habitat for humanity spring break trip. Dijon study abroad semester. Taking a break from studying to eat pizza and drink milkshakes. Participating in Luau senior year." - Abby Kaufman '11

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

"The psychology faculty - David Moore, Jill Nealey-Moore, Tim Beyer, Lisa Fortlouis Wood, and Carolyn Weisz. Also Nancy Bristow and Cynthia Howson. The psychology faculty made me want to pursue my career as a clinical psychologist. I graduate this year, after almost 10 years after UPS graduation, and I couldn't have done it without their encouragement, mentorship, and the amazing education that I received from them." - Liz Bird '11

"Bill Dasher, Great Austin, Eric Scharrer, Joyce Tamashiro." - Alayna Schoblaske '11

"Lynette Claire, Brad Reiche, David Souza." - Angie Tronset '11

"Suzanne Barnett. She was the professor I shadowed when I visited UPS as a senior in college. She retired by my freshman year at UPS but she kept in touch with me by email and we continue to correspond to this day. Nancy Bristow. She was my advisor during my whole time at UPS. She helped me with adjusting to being far from home and the rainy winters in the Northwest, she taught my favorite part of American history (contemporary) and she was heavily involved in social justice movements. Amy Ryken. She got me interested in pursuing the MAT program and really got me thinking about the inherent inequities in our public education system." - Rob Wellington '11, MAT '12

"Lynnette Claire. Mike Segawa." - Stephanie Baugh '11

"Diane (actually I can't remember her last name), chair of the French department during my time there, was my advisor, was so passionate about teaching and really cared about me and my academic career. I also really loved Steven (also can't remember his last name) from whom I took chemistry 101 who was great at teaching his subject with a sense of humor. Allison Tracy Hale; Steve in the French department; George Irving; I had so many good professors who were great instructors and so dedicated to their students I couldn't list them all here, and not only because I don't seem to be able to recall their names." - Chelsea Hansen '11

"Mikiko Ludden was, and still is, one of my most trusted advisors." - Darek Brotemarkel '11

"Dr. Mark Martin - supportive through both academic and personal struggles. Always there to talk and encourage. Dr. Leslie Saucedo - taught my favorite class Cancer Biology." - Kim Dill-McFarland '11

"Katherine Smith, Nancy Bristow, David Smith. They all were super supportive and open to just helping me find my place and follow my interests. Their teaching, mentoring and kindness stays with me to this day." - Danielle Acheampong '11

"Laurie Frankel. Kurt Walls. Marilyn Bennett." - Taylor Griffin '11

"Justin Canny - taught me a lot about outdoor education, something I still do. Moe Stevens - taught about leadership and showed me the what a fraternity could look like. Marta - inspired me to be the best person I can be. Bill Barry - helped me to see the humor in everything and made me want to be a classicist. I still teach Latin. Eric Orlin - was my thesis advisor and was lucky enough to catch up with him years later at a classics conference.  Aislinn Melchior - was really patient with me while we translated Vergil. I needed that patience to fully appreciate the text." - Will Eberle '11

"Mike Veseth. He was passionate about finding materials and subjects that excited his students. I felt like he cared about my learning and success in life." - Kevin Chambers '11

"Michel Rocchi, Diane Kelley, Steve Rodgers, Patrick O'Neil, Nancy Bristow, Alison Paradise, Stuart Smithers." - Abby Kaufman '11

"Don Share, Seth Weinberger - mastery of material, engaging lecturers and brought human elements into class." - Cead Nardie-Warner '11

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

"I loved my time there and am eternally grateful for the experience UPS gave me. I do wish I lived closer so that I could visit the people and the campus more often." - Will Eberle '11