Can you believe that it has been 17 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

 "Softball practices, games and road trips. Logger buddies for softball road trips. The year my dad's basketball team was inducted into the UPS Hall of Fame and I was doing the stats for the basketball game, so had a front row seat for the induction." -Kayla Wells '05

"Training for a half marathon my senior year; summers with friends in Tacoma." -Laura Eliasieh '05

"Campus Films, Geology Department and time with friends." -Alison Graettinger '05

"Walks around campus." -Bryan Brune '05

"Chemistry events, research during the summer." -Maren Buck '05

"Learning in a setting with amazing staff members." -Tami Shinn DPT '05

"Playing soccer with the women's team." -Bridget McCormick '05

"Alpha Phi, crew." -Robin Brady '05

"Getting to know the faculty." -Amy Replogle '05

"Rush, Phi Delta Theata, Rowing regattas, Greek functions, UPS lecture series (David Halberstam, Mick Foley, Ron Jeremy, Leonard Pitts Jr, Fareed Zakaria), Football games, Soccer matches, Baseketball games, midnight breakfast, concerts in the fieldhouse, intramural sports, studying in the library." -Eric Campbell '05

"Outdoor program, concerts in Field House, participating in plays." -Cheryl Miller '05

"Studying abroad in Tassie, late nights preparing RDG performances, Crossover for the Greek System, the night after the incoming Freshman went back to UPS and the Passages leaders got to have a night off together, meeting my (now) wife in a Communications class, my Communications classmates throughout my tenure, and room assignments in Sigma Nu." -Marty Fitchen '05

"Small classes, the athletic program, Greek life, and the biology, chemistry, and history departments." -Alana East '05

"Too many to choose...dorm life Freshman year, each moment spent at Point Defiance, trips to Seattle, the summer weather, whales in Puget Sound, days with clear views of Mount Rainier, etc." -Anne Tenner '05

"Playing boxby on the campus! And eating lunch outside of the rotunda." -Miriam Hathaway '05

"The amazing, life-long friends that I met and the time we spent together hanging out in the dorms and exploring Tacoma." -Julia Vieweg '05

"Long long long nights in the library working on my theses - especially seeing the quote from Memoirs every time I walked in; Skipping class for pow days at Alpental; MSM sandwiches; Classes in Wyatt; Studying abroad in Morocco; Sunday breakfasts at Southern Kitchen." -Robert Whiting '05

"Times with friends." -Elizabeth Kajko '05

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

 "An English teacher, Nancy something. (My memory isn't very good.) She was my favorite because I loved writing and she honed my essay writing skills in a way that was supportive and not degrading. Roberta Wilson was a very tough professor, but I enjoyed her teaching style and the topics I learned with her as the professor." -Kayla Wells '05

"Priti Joshi, Suzanne Holland, Hans Ostrom." -Blaire Notrica '05

"Julie Neff Lipman, Ily Nagy, and Grace Livingston." -Laura Eliasieh '05

"Jeff Tepper (current); Stewart Lowther (deceseased), and Herr Tinsley (emeritus)
They all were accessible and passionate about what they did. They all inspire my current approach to teaching and helped inspire me to become a professor." -Alison Graettinger '05

"The whole Classics department was always very important to me, because not only did I take classes from them, I also worked for them, and ran the Classics Club despite not being majored in it. Their humor, their liveliness in discussing their scholarship, and their interest in the students were all inspiring to me."                 -Josephine Lomax '05, MAT '11

"Betsy Kirkpatrick. She helped me become interested in majoring in biology." -Bryan Brune '05

"Eric Scharrer (Chemistry) - engaging in class, told great stories, made learning fun." -Maren Buck '05

"Ann Wilson: a depth and breadth of knowledge unsurpassed. She was caring and took time to genuinely get to know her students. She is/was amazing!" -Tami Shinn DPT '05

"My anatomy teacher Ed, can't remember his last name!" -Robin Brady '05

"Faculty: Betsy Kirkpatrick, Wayne Rickoll, and Joyce Tamashiro. They all played an important role in encouraging me to pursue a PhD. Staff: Carol Curtin - She was always so helpful and friendly. My biology major wouldn't have been the same without her." -Amy Replogle '05

"Arpad Kadarkey, Wade Hands, Nancy Bristow, Bill Haltom, Ron Thomas, Theodore Taranovsky." -Eric Campbell '05

"Doug Sackman, Leon Grunberg, Patrick O'Neill." -Cheryl Miller '05

"Karen Zediker was a visiting professor who made Comm. Theory fun and exciting (this was also the class that I met my wife in)." -Marty Fitchen '05

"Nancy Bristow, history: almost made me switch a biology major to history. Fascinating classes. Bill Dasher, chemistry: pushed me to want to do well in a very challenging subject. Tim Hoyt, chemistry: the wizard, fond memories of his chemistry labs. Stacey Weiss, biology: even though I only had her for a class or two, I really enjoyed her animal behavior classes and labs." -Alana East '05

"Bill Dasher for Organic Chemistry and Alison Tracy Hale for many English Lit. courses." -Anne Tenner '05

"Julie Nelson Christoph & Ann Putnam - they helped shape my views on literature, gender studies, and finding my own voice." -Miriam Hathaway '05

"Professor Patrick O'Neil (PG). His classes were so interesting and intellectually challenging. He really found a way to connect students to the material. He also took a strong interest in my educational and professional development and was an advocate and mentor for me on campus and beyond." -Julia Vieweg '05

"David Sousa is the best professor ever; Daniel Sherman." -Robert Whiting '05

"Jo Crane." -Nicole Ozawa '05

"Jeff Matthews, Alison Paradise, Doug Goodman, Tom Schillar." -Jenny Lai '05

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

 "I was thrilled to learn from a recent UPS email that (a dear fellow 2005 alum and freshman year dorm floor-mate of mine) Jess Smith is a member of the UPS faculty! I will always remember her incredible talent and the joy and respect she had for her peers in the music and theater departments. It was a joy to know her then and I can only imagine that her students and colleagues feel the same way! Congrats Jess!" -Anne Tenner '05

If you would like more information about the Class of 2005 15th Reunion, or would like to join the Reunion Planning Committee, contact Class President John Hines '05.