Can you believe that it has been 31 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

"RA life, events at the SUB, friends I have had since my first day of orientation." - Don Scott '91

"Road trips with Logger Softball. Missing graduation to compete in the national championship game for softball senior year." - Jill Kingslien '91, MPT '93

"I loved the scenic campus - it fed my senses and soul in every season. The annual football game against PLU was the best.  Blowing off steam at E-9 or Greek functions!  I was deeply impacted by many of my classes, such as "Modern Germany." - Lynn LaDoe '91

"Studying in the library- oh wait, was that really studying or was that socializing?" - Melissa Williams '91

"Beautiful campus that was just large enough to get to know lots of people, but not so small that we felt like we knew everyone. The campus community - staff, faculty, and administration - were supportive, friendly and community-minded." - Scott Higashi '91

"Adelphians." - Angela McKee '91

"Great educational experience in a comfortable and close environment." - Toni Kohler '91

"Studying together with friends in Jones Hall and the UPS Law Library, the sisterhood of Alpha Phi, working in the Office of Admission, functions with fraternities." - Laura Devin '91

"Competing as a runner, performing music as a violinist, worshiping as a believer in God." - Matthew Mandrones '91

"The friends I made." - Kelley Jean '91, MAT '92

"I grew up in Tacoma and knew I wanted to go to UPS, I just delayed getting my degree until my children were a bit older. I fit right in with the younger students and my professors were so helpful." - Analtha Morrofko '91

"Rowing." - Gretchen Frederick '91

"Taking my first tour and seeing campus crossover during rush week, graduation." - Carl Hepker '91

"Freshman year in Todd Hall. Campus Films & Foolish Pleasures. The Cellar." - Michelle Gretsch '91

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

"Robert Beezer." - Laura Devin '91

"Prof Roy Polley (deceased)...dry sense of humor, high expectations, cared for his advisees very much...a great advisor. He even helped me get my first "real" job after graduation." - Michelle Gretsch '91

"Sharon Noble, Kate Stirling, Mike Veseth." - Don Scott '91

"Bob Waldo, co-founder of the Business Leadership Program, for his dedication and charm.  George Mills, Dean of Admissions, for his warmth and welcoming smile.  Phillip and Gwen Phibbs, former President and his lovely wife, for being a steady, friendly presence." - Lynn LaDoe '91

"Coach Joe Peyton and professor Rabirta Wilson." - Susan Roff '91

"Suzanne Barnett - she always (and continues to) challenged me to be a better thinker. The late George Mills - connected Hawaii to the University in so many ways. Lo Sun Perry, Bill Haltom, Chris Ives, Barry Bauska, Hans Ostrom, John Finney, Terry Coons." - Scott Higashi '91

"Michael Veseth and Bill Brown." - Michael Tenney '91

"Scott Sheffield was my academic advisor and nudged me into PT which is my career.  Shelby Clayson and Ann Ekes were two memorable professors in the PT program." - Jill Kingslien '91, MPT '93

"Harmon Ziegler, Baalam." - Analtha Morrofko '91

"Terry Cooney." - Kelley Jean '91, MAT '92

"Prof. Dickson-mentorship." - Toni Kohler '91

"Edward Seferian, symphony conductor/advisor/ violin teacher. Darrel Reick (sp? Religion prof), spiritual challenge and encouragement." - Matthew Mandrones '91

"Roy Polley." - Carl Hepker '91

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

"I am so grateful I had the chance to attend Puget Sound. Hope to attend the reunion." - Don Scott '91

"I am so thankful for my overall experience at a small school.  It has provided me with, what I now realize is, a unique college experience compared to the experiences of my contemporaries." - Melissa Williams '91

"Thank you for all efforts towards a special reunion for the Class of 1991 in 2021.  I can't believe it has been almost thirty years!" - Lynn LaDoe '91