Can you believe that it has been 36 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt the memories you cherish make it feel like it was just yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

"Sports and friends and studying." - Heather Sullivan '86

"Choir tours, rehearsals, the sounds coming from the music bldg, Res life training, the beautiful campus." - Kathryn Weymiller '86, JD'93

"Great sense of community." - Glenn Johnson '66 '86

"Life in the residence halls (A-L, Todd, Harrington),  bonding with my crewmates and working out together,  hiking with Leroy Annis and our pre/post and during winterim groups, RA friends and hallmates." - Robin Maille '86

"Foolish Pleasures film festival; Adelphian tours; musical concerts; sporting events; time with friends; class-specific project work." - Joel Hefty '86

"Enjoyed all my classes and bringing entertainment programs to the college." - Michael Carr '86

"Living in an A-Frame." - Melinda Jose '86

"My time spent with the members of the baseball team." - Darren Zemanek '86

"Times with friends, being very involved in the school, classes." - Stephanie Marshall '86

"Walking the campus.  It is so beautiful. I miss the northwest." - Teresa Pash '86

"I had great roommates." - Maria Arellano '86

"Awesome chemistry and physics teachers, math too! Fraternity friends." - Timothy Beals '86

"Friends." - Stan Sorensen '86, P'19

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

"Dr. Dotson, Dr. Breitenbach, Umstot, Carole Smith, most of the English profs even though I was a Computer Science/Business major." - Margaret Juran '86

"Prof Veseth.  An effective way to teach using examples that relate to college students.  Fun while you learn." - Maria Arellano '86

"John Magee, Walter Lowery, Don Duncan, Dr. Fehlandt, Francis Chubb, Paul Heppe, Leroy Ostrander, Bill Colby." - Glenn Johnson '66, '86

"Mike Veseth - Insightful teaching, and excellent humor; Norman Anderson - Interesting classes and name recognition long after I took his class; Kate Stirling - Fresh perspective and great energy; Bruce Mann - Perspective, competence, and positive attitude; Douglas Goodman - Confidence and desire to teach; Arpad Kadarky - Broad perspective, wisdom, and high expectation." - Joel Hefty '86

"Ann Wood, William Dasher, Ken Rousslang." - Timothy Beals '86

"Serni Solidarios- great person all around, friend and mentor. David Droge, Barry Anton- always engaging- made me want to learn more." - Stephanie Marshall '86

"Hans Ostrom, Barry Anton, Walter Lowrie, Terry Cooney, Susan Barnett, Bill Brietinbach, and Alan Thorndyke all had the greatest impact on me." - Stan Sorensen '86, P'19

"Julie Larrue, Carrie Margolin...both were very personable, genuine." - Melinda Jose '86

"Prof. David A. Lupher...Ancient Greek language. I really struggled in his classes but he was so patient with me and even gave me one of his own lexicons, which I still have today. And my Marine ecology professor who also taught Statistics. He was just a fun teacher. I loved his classes and hearing about his diving stories." - Teresa Pash '86

"Dr. Hartley.  Serni Solidarios." - Michael Carr '86

"Professor Roy Polley.  I enjoyed Professor Polley's approach to education and the involvement he showed with his students." - Darren Zemanek '86

"Leroy Annis--classes were intense, hiking was intense, growth experiences in both. Margi Nowak- my comparative sociology advisor, supporter for my post-college experiences, encouragement for life and work." - Robin Maille '86

"Paul Schultz, choir. He was our musical conductor. Pat Krueger - so helpful and kind." - Kathryn Weymiller '86, JD'93

"Anne Wood was my senior thesis project advisor. She was always very helpful and supportive, even when convincing us to change our project to make it more affordable.  Gert Lee was my work-study supervisor in the biology stockroom, she taught me to play cards with the biology professors, as well as all the technical issues of preparing for biology classes.  Chris Luthor was my cross-country coach and was the most positive and encouraging guy you could know, along with being just crazy enough to make him lovable.  Many other faculty also taught me valuable lessons on life as well as classes, including Bev Pierson, Mary Rose Lamb, Bill Dasher, Curt Melholf, Ed Herbert, Joe Peyton, etc..." - James Cairns '86

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

"Proud to be an Alumnus." - Glenn Johnson '66, '86

"I spent two years at UPS.  At the time of my attendance, I was living and working off-campus, married, and played on the baseball team.  This didn't leave a lot of time to be involved in University events.  While I really enjoyed the small class sizes and the learning opportunities that were a benefit of the class sizes, this too limited my ability to effectively engage with my fellow Loggers.  I understood then and now that some of the choices I made limited my university engagement and overall experience.  This is my only regret.  I remain thankful for the experiences that UPS did provide and continue to value the education I received.  Once a Logger Always a Logger!" - Darren Zemanek '86