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Trustee Scholarship

Terms & Conditions

  • Your scholarship amount is expressed as an annual amount, of which half is available fall semester and half available spring semester for offset against full-time tuition charges on your student account.
  • This scholarship is available for fall and spring semesters only and cannot be applied to summer enrollment.
  • Eligibility for your scholarship requires that you be enrolled each semester as a full-time undergraduate student enrolled in at least three (3.0) academic units and paying full-time tuition.
  • Your Trustee Scholarship may only be applied towards Puget Sound tuition, not room, board or other expenses. If you receive other scholarships, grants, stipends, tuition remission or tuition exchange assistance designated to be used only for tuition, either through Puget Sound or from an outside source, and the sum of these awards, including the Trustee Scholarship, exceeds the cost of tuition, your Trustee Scholarship will be reduced or withdrawn until the total amount of your tuition-designated scholarship dollars equals the amount of tuition.
  • After successfully completing one academic year of study you may take up to a one-year formal leave of absence and retain your scholarship when returning to the university, as long as you continue to meet all other eligibility criteria.
  • Puget Sound’s scholarship programs are funded in part by the financial commitments of alumni, parents and friends. To help build strong relationships with our donors, you may be asked to write a brief thank you letter acknowledging the generosity of the donor responsible for funding your scholarship. 


  • Your award is renewable for up to a maximum of ten (10) semesters (including the semester in which you first enter Puget Sound and exclusive of semesters of study abroad), providing you maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Study Abroad

  • Puget Sound scholarships are available for use on study abroad programs to students who demonstrate financial need. Students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and demonstrate financial need may use, in conjunction with federal and state aid, their Puget Sound scholarships up to their level of financial need. Students who do not complete the FAFSA or demonstrate financial need are not eligible for Puget Sound scholarships during their semester abroad. Please consult with Student Financial Services to determine if a portion or all of your Trustee Scholarship will be available for study abroad through Puget Sound.

If you have additional questions about your award, please contact the Student Financial Services Office.