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The Lillis Scholarship at Puget Sound

WANTED: Students dedicated to a lifetime of learning

Lillis Scholarship Application

In love with ideas, Lillis scholars enjoy pursuing intellectual endeavors to discover how they can improve the world. Thriving on knowledge exploration, they possess a natural passion for academic rigor and a commitment to classroom excellence. Two Lillis scholarships are awarded every year – any incoming first-year student can apply and will be considered. Recipients often go on to post-graduate fellowships and scholarships. Lillis scholars currently calling Puget Sound home find themselves engaged in a wide range of academic pursuits, including biochemistry, voice performance, psychology, history, and computer science. They also study abroad, conduct independent research, pursue internships, and present at professional conferences. The award was established through a generous gift made by the Lillis Foundation of Castle Rock, Colorado.

Drs. Charles and Gwendolyn Lillis P’05, Kelton Mock ’15, and Becca Ebert ’16 on the Lillis Scholarship, what it means to them, and how it can empower future scholars.

Becoming a Lillis Scholar

Selection Process

Selection for the Lillis Scholarship is highly competitive. Only two Lillis Scholarships will be awarded to first-year students entering the university each fall.

Successful candidates will demonstrate outstanding levels of academic achievement in high school and show considerable promise of excellence throughout their undergraduate years. Academic performance in high school, measured by grade point average, rigor of high school curriculum, and performance on standardized exams, and written work, will be considered when selecting candidates for the Lillis Scholarship. Successful candidates will also show a passionate interest in ideas, the potential for serious academic work (such as research) and a commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence. Lillis Scholars will be well positioned for candidacy for competitive undergraduate and post-graduate fellowships and scholarships, such as the Rhodes Scholarship, the Truman Scholarship, or the Watson Fellowship.

Applicants must submit a completed admission application and the scholarship application by December 15 (extended from December 1). 10 finalists will be invited to campus for an interview. Two Lillis Scholarships will be awarded.

Scope of Award

The Lillis Scholarship covers the cost of tuition, standard double room, and standard medium meal plan for up to four years of undergraduate education at the University of Puget Sound. First-year recipients may renew the award for up to three additional years of undergraduate study. Renewal criteria include submission of a renewal application, full-time enrollment each semester, maintenance of a minimum 3.75 cumulative grade point average, and demonstration of preparation for pursuit of a competitive scholarship or fellowship.

Lillis Scholars work closely with the Lillis Faculty Advisor and the Director of Fellowships & Scholarships throughout their four years at Puget Sound.

Important Dates

Date Event / Due Date
December 15 Admission applications & Lillis Scholarship due to University of Puget Sound
February  Finalists notified

March 8

Finalists interviewed
April 1 Lillis Scholarship awardees and alternates notified


Current Lillis Scholars

Lillis scholars pursue a wide range of majors and academic activities. Current Lillis Scholars major in politics & government, biochemistry, voice performance, psychology, history, computer science, English, and more. Lillis scholars have studied abroad, conducted independent research, completed internships, presented at professional conferences, applied for (and received) national fellowships and scholarships, and pursued other academic projects as directed by their passion for ideas. 

About the Lillis Scholars Program

Dr. Gwendolyn Lillis and Dr. Charles Lillis, parents of alumna Jessica Baker Isaacs ’05, value education highly. They are both the first generation in their families to attend college, and they credit their education to their success in life. They believe that a good education is a life-changing investment, and through the establishment of this scholarship they hope to provide promising and outstanding students with the opportunity to receive that education. In addition to the scholars program at Puget Sound, they support educational achievement at all levels of education and ability and encourage the pursuit of academic excellence.

Recipients of the Lillis Scholarship enter into the academically challenging and rewarding education that the University of Puget Sound offers. They will be given the chance to further cultivate their passion for ideas and commitment to achievement. In addition, they will be well positioned for candidacy for competitive undergraduate and postgraduate fellowships and scholarships, such as the Rhodes Scholarship, the Truman Scholarship, or the Watson Fellowship.