Date Performed

Bright Morning Stars arr. Kirchner 10/2/2015
"Awake the Harp" from The Creation F. J. Haydn 10/2/2015
She Walks in Beauty A. Jackson 10/2/2015
Nyon Nyon J. Runestad 10/2/2015
Avinu Malkeynu M. Janowski 10/31/2015
The Road Home S. Paulus 10/31/2015
The Darkest Midnight in December S. Main 12/5/2015
Christmas Cantata (Sonfonia Sacra) D. Pinkham 12/5/2015
And the Glory of the Lord G. F Handel 12/5/2015
Ave Maria J. E. Hughes 12/5/2015
Silent Night arr. Rutter 12/5/2015
Cornerstone S. Kirchner 12/5/2015
Set Me As A Seal R. Clausen 3/26/2016
Neckerein, Opus 31, No. 2 J. Brahms 3/26/2016
XXIII "Oremus" from Gloria Patri U. Sisask 3/26/2016
Shakespeare Songs M. Harris 3/26/2016
Unclouded Day arr. Kirchner 3/26/2016
Lingmara arr. Tate 3/26/2016
Psalm 81 arr. Parker/Shaw 5/1/2016
The Sixty-Seventh Psalm C. Ives 5/1/2016
Song of the Open Road N. Dello Joio 5/1/2016
Shenandoah arr. Erb 5/1/2016
Unclouded Day arr. Kirchner 5/1/2016
The Heart's Reflection D. Elder 5/1/2016
The Settling Years L. Larsen 5/1/2016