Work Composer Date Performed
Haec Dies W. Byrd 10/9/2010
The Lamb J. Chorbajian 10/9/2010
Amor que un con el amor grandisimo P. Basler 10/9/2010
Y'Susum Midbar Arr. A. Parker 10/9/2010
The Road Home S. Paulus 10/9/2010
Noel T. Smith; Arr. B. Holmes 12/4/2010
O Come All Ye Faithful J.F. Wade 12/4/2010
Three Nativity Carols S. Paulus 12/4/2010
The Rose J. Paynter 12/4/2010
The Lamb J. Chorbajian 12/4/2010
Hark the Herald Angels Sing F. Mendelssohn 12/4/2010
What Is This Lovely Fragrance Arr. H. Willan 12/4/2010
A Little Christmas Music Arr. D. Runswick 12/4/2010
Y'susum midbar Arr. A. Parker 12/4/2010
Silent Night Arr. J. Rutter 12/4/2010
Dona Nobis Pacem Z.R. Stroope 12/4/2010
The Eyes of All J. Berger 3/12/2011
Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened G.F. Handel 3/12/2011
The Sounding Sea E. Barnum 3/12/2011
Excerpts from Zigeunerlieder, Op. 103 J. Brahms 3/12/2011
Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal Arr. Parker 3/12/2011
MLK Arr. Chilcott 3/12/2011
Sinner Man Arr. Roberts 3/12/2011
The Road Home S. Paulus 3/12/2011
At The Round Earth's Imagined Corners W. Spencer 5/1/2011
A Red, Red Rose J. Bernhard 5/1/2011
Blow the Candles arr. S. Zopfi 5/1/2011
Will There Really Be A Morning C.H. Johnson 5/1/2011
A Boy and a Girl E. Whitacre 5/1/2011