Students are required to complete two (2) full-time clinical experiences totaling 32 weeks. Over the course of the two full-time experiences, a student must experience care delivery in an outpatient setting (this can be a free standing private practice or a hospital-based outpatient facility) and care delivery in an inpatient setting (this can be in a medical center/hospital, specialty rehabilitation center or transitional/ skilled nursing facility).  Home Health Care and School Therapy are not required; however these experiences may be counted as the outpatient experience depending on the individual student clinical education plan. Exposure to individuals across the lifespan is encouraged and at minimum, students must participate in the treatment of both geriatric and young adult populations in the clinical experiences.

The university currently holds over 150 clinical affiliation agreements with entities offering clinical education in more than 16 states. Many of the agreements are with corporations that have multiple physical sites throughout the country. Clinical facilities include hospitals, medical centers, urgent care centers, home health agencies, long term care facilities, private practices, and school districts.