Campus Health Climate Focus Groups

The Campus Health Climate Focus Groups aim to identify key topics and priority areas related to physical, mental, and social health among students at the University of Puget Sound. During our meetings, we discuss topics for the focus groups, develop recruitment strategies, and then implement them.

By gathering data on physical health behaviors, mental health challenges, and access to healthcare resources, the focus groups will provide crucial insight into the health climate on campus. Results will be used to tailor future outreach and education topics for the Health Equity Research Lab, the MPH Program, and the broader campus community.

Campus Health Education

This project centers on creating health education materials tailored for the University of Puget Sound campus community. The Campus Health Education project involves researching and developing evidence-based educational outreach materials addressing various health topics including physical activity, identifying healthy relationships, sexual health, COVID-19, and substance use.

Each member of the lab is developing educational outreach materials on a topic of their choice. The outreach material includes posters and digital content, aiming to engage the campus community in a meaningful and accessible way. The Campus Health Education project seeks to foster a culture of health and well-being within the UPS community.


See below for more information and resources about our Campus Health Education topics (COMING SOON)