Full-Time Model Tentative New Course Titles
Unless otherwise noted, each course is one unit.
2 years, 16 units 14 core requirements, 2 rotating special topics*

PH 601 Foundations of Public Health

PH 603 Healthcare Systems & Policy

PH 606 Fundamentals of Epidemiology

PH 623 Global Health  


PH 602 Introduction to Biostatistics

PH 605 Qualitative Research Methods 

PH 607 Program Development & Evaluation

PH 622 Health Campaigns: Behaviors & Education


PH 620 Environmental Health 

PH 630 Public Health Professionalism and Ethics


PH 604 Health Disparities and Vulnerable Populations

PH 621 Public Health Leadership and Interprofessional Practices

PH 624 Special Topics*


PH 624 Special Topics*

PH 633 Applied Practice Experience**

PH 634 Integrative Learning Experience


*Special topics courses will rotate. Examples: Maternal Child Family Health, Social Entrepreneurship, Climate Change & Population Health, Infectious Disease in Developing Countries, Health Communication, and Public Health Ethics.

**2nd year MPH program enrollment may vary depending on the semester you choose to take PH 633 (can be taken in the fall or spring semesters)


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