Finances & Scholarships

Study Abroad Costs & Financial Aid:

For information on study abroad costs and financing, please visit Study Abroad Costs & Aid. Please also see this Q&A.

The University of Puget Sound charges our own tuition and fees rather than the program’s actual tuition and fees for the following reasons:

  1. Puget Sound is committed to providing access to study abroad for all qualified students including students who receive Puget Sound need-based and merit scholarships. By charging Puget Sound tuition and fees, it allows Puget Sound aid to be used on all Puget Sound Approved Study Abroad Programs during the fall and spring semesters.
  2. When students are studying abroad, they continue to receive administrative support from Puget Sound. Although they’re not on campus, they are still expected to share in the cost of supporting this infrastructure. Some of the services include, but are not limited to Technology Services, Student Financial Services, the Registrar, the Collins Memorial Library, Academic Advising, Career and Employment Services, faculty advisors and the Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching.

Summer Budget Planning Worksheet

Semester or AY Budget Planning Worksheet

National Study Abroad Scholarships:

Program Provider Scholarships:

University of Puget Sound Scholarships:

Study Abroad Funding Tools:

  • IIE Passport Study Abroad Funding Opportunities
  • THE GARDEN CLUB OF AMERICA offers 28 merit-based scholarships in 12 areas: medicinal and tropical botany, native bird habitat, conservation and ecological restoration, desert studies, landscape architecture, urban forestry, garden history and design, coastal wetlands, and pollinator research.