Slay Latham '18

Slay Latham graduated from UPS in 2018 with a major in Communication Studies and minors in Gender & Queer Studies and Sociology & Anthropology. Slay currently lives in New York, attending Brooklyn Law School while working as the Employer Engagement Coordinator for the SF LGBT Center. "I'm hoping to focus on serving the trans community once I graduate law school. As a non-binary, trans person, I believe our collective liberation is directly tied to having a presence within the legal field. I know I am a part of the next generation of trans people working on manifesting a future that not only legally recognizes the validity of our humanity but works to ensure our survival."

“My Gender & Queer Studies experience at Puget Sound gave me the language to understand myself, and the structure of that GQS experience allows me to interact in the law school environment more critically. Shout out to Professors Tanya Erzen and Heather White…I wouldn’t have made it through my Puget Sound experience without Heather.”