Sociology & Anthropology Club


  • To facilitate members with experience in planning, organizing, and leadership;
  • To promote an increased awareness of the opportunities for service and work outside of the academic field; and
  • To promote an increased awareness about the life-long benefits and value of anthropology and sociology.

Club activities include regular meetings, peer advising, speakers, potluck, co-sponsoring campus events, attendance at professional conferences, and social events.

The club provides excellent leadership opportunities. We receive job postings for comparative sociology majors on a regular basis. Learn more about anthropology and sociology and make valuable connections through our members and guest speakers.

Now is the time to make yourself marketable. Employers not only look at grades, they look at your organizational involvement. Get involved and get the anthropological and sociological advantage! If you have any questions and cannot make the meeting time please call Reggie at 253.879.3136.