Drawer Check Out Organic Chemistry

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Checking-OUT Of Your ORGANIC Lab Drawer 

Checking out of your lab drawer requires three steps: 

1) cleaning your lab drawer and work area, 

2) renewing your lab drawer to its original condition and inventorying it, and,

3) clearing your account with the Chemistry Storeroom. 


The following guide will answer common problems you may encounter.



LAB BENCH AND WORKING AREA:  Please clean your working area on the lab bench with a damp paper towel and throw away any garbage.  Also, clean your Hood space by  wiping the hood floor with a damp paper towel and cleaning off the hood window, inside and out.  

GLASSWARE:  Thoroughly wash all your glassware removing all spots, stains, old labels, and label gum residues.  Rinse with distilled water and carefully towel dry each item -- this avoids water spots.  Examine each piece of glassware for cracks, chips, and star cracks.  If cracked, chipped or broken, you must replace them by contacting your CA or instructor and they will get another.  It will be recorded on your Loan Card and paid for later.  

HARDWARE:  Wash or rinse off all your equipment made of metal.  This removes all chemicals, residues, and corrosion.  

EXTRA EQUIPMENT:  Your extra equipment most likely belongs to someone in the lab, so please put all extra equipment in the Lost & Found Box.   No extra equipment should be in your drawer.

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS:  Please remove miscellaneous items from your drawers and place them in the storage boxes for your lab.  RUBBER HOSES & GLASS TUBING AND RODS have a special box on the side bench, or, in a jar on the colored coded shelving.


2. YOUR LAB DRAWER EQUIPMENT INVENTORY:  After completing Step One, you can start your drawer inventory, which maybe a little confusing.  To minimize this, please follow each step carefully.

A. Obtain your INVENTORY/LOAN Sheet.  You can obtain it from your instructor or CA.  It may also be on the front bench grouped into sections.

B.  Return equipment you borrowed from the Storeroom.  All the extra and special items your instructor or CA got for you  must be returned.  Please wash them.  This includes over-sized sep funnels, filter funnels, reound bottoms, etc.

C. Take everything out of your drawer and put it on the lab bench.

D. Clean out your drawer and cover the bottom with new paper towels. 

E. Compare the equipment listed on the Inventory Sheet against the equipment in your drawer.  Use the equipment chart to help identify your drawer equipment.  If you broke any of the missing items, you must pay for it.  All missing items must be replaced too.  To get replacements, contact your CA or instructor.  Each broken or missing item will be placed on your Inventory/Loan Sheet and paid for.

F.  All equipment listed on the Inventory Card must be present before going on.  Now you can notify your CA or instructor that your drawer is ready to be checked.  

G. Your instructor or CA will inventory your equipment.  As it is inventoried, put the equipment back into your drawer.  

H. After locking your drawer, your instructor signs your Inventory/Loan Sheet.  



Return the Inventory Card to the Front bench.  After completing this last step, you are cleared of your responsibility for the Lab Drawer.  After lab, the Storeroom will check your Inventory/Loan and determine any debt you may owe.  If there is a charge, you will be notified by email.

Please Note:  You will NOT be OFFICIALLY CHECKED OUT UNTIL YOUR BILL HAS BEEN PAID.  Outstanding bills will be sent to the Controller's Office.


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