Checking-IN To Your ORGANIC Lab Drawer

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To Your ORGANIC Lab Drawer

Checking into your lab drawer requires two steps: 

1) inspect and inventory the equipment in the drawer (you will be financially responsible for its contents), and

2) filing your account with the Chemistry Storeroom. 

The following guide will answer common problems encountered in fulfilling these requirements.



DRAWER ASSIGNMENTS:  Your instructor may assign you a drawer or let you choose a drawer that is selected for your lab section.   In the middle of the drawer front, you will find a section marker.  This designates the section each drawer is assigned to.  Find a drawer assigned to your section.  If the drawer front has a piece of tape with a name on it, the drawer has already been taken -- please find another. 

UNLOCKING THE DRAWER:  When you find your drawer, please wait for your instructor to unlock it. 

SIGN THE SECTION-MASTER:  Your CA or instructor has the Section-Master sheet listing all the drawers assigned to your lab period.  Please PRINT your name after your drawer number -- this insures your drawer is not reassigned to someone else.

INVENTORY SHEET:  Once your drawer is unlocked, find the sheet listing the equipment inventory of the drawer -- your Inventory Sheet.  Put this in a safe place as you will need it shortly.

DRAWER ID:  Write your name on a piece of tape and attach it to your drawer.



After completing Step One, you can start your drawer inventory.  To minimize confusion and use your time better, please follow each step carefully.


B. You may find it easier to identify each piece of equipment as you take it out of your drawer using the equipment ID diagram.  Please note the location of the stored items because with some drawers all the items will only fit a certain way.

C. Compare the equipment listed on the Inventory Sheet against the equipment present in your drawer.

BROKEN ITEMS:  If you find any broken glassware, take it to your CA who will replace it for free ONLY on the first day of Check-IN Week.  Otherwise, you are responsible for it.

MISSING ITEMS:  For any item(s) you can‘t find, ask your instructor or CA to help you find it.  Please do not go to the Storeroom for missing items

D. All the equipment listed on the Inventory Sheet must be present before proceeding.

E. Now you can notify your instructor or CA that you inventoried your drawer and found it satisfactory.

F. Your instructor or CA will quickly check the contents of the drawer, and then initialize your Inventory Sheet.

G.  You must sign the top of the Inventory Sheet, print your name right under it, and write your student ID number.  This officially registers you into the lab class and you accept financial responsibility for the equipment in your lab drawer. 



Bring your Inventory Sheet to the CA.  After cross-checking your inventory sheet with the Section-Master that you put your name on for your drawer number, the TA will inform you if there is something else to do.


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