Madlung Lab Members

Madlung lab group summer 2017


Left to right: Dr. Sneha Bhogale, Anitramarina Reyna, Alondra Zaragoza-Mendoza, Dr. Keisha Carlson, Drew Anderson, Andreas Madlung, Zane Molgaard

Madlung lab group summer 2013

Left to right: Drew Anderson, Erik Solhaug, Amelia Asbe, Amy Replogle, Starr Matsushita.  Missing: Spencer Gordon, Kelly Rotstan

Madlung lab group 2012-13

Madlung lab 2012-13
Left to right: Jackie Braun, Starr Matsushita, Spencer Gordon, Cristy Walcher, Amelia Asbe, Kelly Rotstan, Erika Hayes, Andreas Madlung

Madlung and Walcher lab group summer 2012

Left to right: Amelia Asbe, Cristy Walcher, Starr Matsushita, Erik Solhaug, Spencer Gordon, Jennifer Delgado, Delia Ramos. Missing in photo: Jackie Braun, Danny Esporma

Madlung lab group summer 2008

Left to right: Avigail Galvan, Camella George, Maria Jost, Andreas Madlung, Erin McCullough, Kirsten Wright, Starr Matsushita


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