DPT Research Symposium 2018 
The class of 2019 research and global health projects will be presented in platform and poster format with time for interactions with students and networking with peers.  Free Continuing Education credits will be awarded-registration will be limited to the first 50 clinical education community partners.
Date: November 3rd, 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Location: University of Puget Sound-Tahoma Room
See link to the right to register.

Annual Research Symposium

The Third Annual Physical Therapy Research Symposium was presented on November 4th, 2017 in the Rasmussen Rotunda in the Wheelock Student Center. The event is fully orchestrated by our third-year Class of 2018 DPT students!  It showcased the group research projects they pursued over the past two years. 

Again this year, the symposium was open to the professional community as a free continuing education offering.  Over 60 physical therapists and allied clinical professions from across the Pacific Northwest region attended.

The symposium kicked off with each of the eleven research groups presenting an oral "teaser" to introduce their work.  This was followed by an interactive session, where all attendees toured poster presentations of each study, visited with the student investigators about their work, networked around common interests, and discussed clinical implications. 

The majority of the student research projects completed this year are also being presented at national or international conferences, with many going to APTA's 2018 Combined Sections Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

 As an added benefit, you can access abstracts and complete posters from all the studies presented at the previous years symposiums via Sound Ideas.  To see the breadth of work presented and dive into the details of our students' most recent research findings just follow this link:


 2017 Third Annual Physical Therapy Research Symposium
Topics and Authors

Research Presentations

  1. The Short-Term Effects of Thoracic Manipulation and Cervical Rotation Mobilization in Patients with Cervical Radiculopathy: A Case Study and Protocol
    Andrew Didricksen, SPT; Justin Higa, SPT; Daniel Kobayashi, SPT;
    Mentor: Robert Boyles, PT, DSc, OCS, FAAOMPT
  2. The Use of Heel Lifts for Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease to Improve Postural Stability
    Connor Brown, SPT; McKenna McNabb, SPT; Cassandra Repasky, SPT
    Mentor: Jennifer Hastings, PT, PhD, NCS
  3. Mirror Visual Feedback Therapy for Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain: A Clinical Practice Guideline
    Erick Moon, SPT; Garrett Hoskins, SPT
    Mentor: Roger Allen, PT, PhD
  4. Relationship Between Delayed Pain Flares, Psychogenic Stress and Free Thyroxine in Patients with Phantom Limb Pain
    Arista Ip, SPT; Eva Fazzini, SPT;
    Mentor: Roger Allen, PT, PhD
  5. Utilization of the Progressive Return to Activity Following Acute Concussion Clinical Recommendations
    Elena Liroff, SPT; Erika Schultz, SPT
    Mentor: Holly Roberts, PT, DPT, GCS, NCS
  6. Low Back Injuries in Male Ballet  Dancers: A Review of the Literature
    Amanda Duncan, SPT; Kaitlyn Johnstone, SPT; Emma Lux, SPT;
    Mentor: Karin Steere, DPT
  7. The Ability of the Movement Assessment for Children (MAC) to Predict Fine and Gross Motor Development in Typically Developing Children at a Five and a Half Year Follow Up
    Lauren Christianson, SPT; Brady Houbrick, SPT; Lizzy Peterson, SPT; Joe Weber, SPT;
    Mentors: Julia Looper, PT, PhD; Lynnette Chandler, PT, PhD
  8. Comparing Seated Pressures in Daily Wheelchair and Sports Equipment and Investigating the Skin Protective Effects of Padded Shorts
    Torey Anderson, SPT; Kaitlynn McKirgan, SPT;
    Mentor: Jennifer Hastings, PT, PhD, NCS
  9. Movement Snacks: A Novel Program for Breaking Up Sedentary Time in the Workplace
    Daniel Murty, SPT; Kendra Guest, SPT; Michael Westbrooks, SPT
    Mentor: Danny McMillian, PT, DSc;


Global Health Presentations

  1. International Service Learning: An Overview
    Kaitlynn McKirgan, SPT; Danny Murty, SPT;
    Mentor: Holly Roberts, PT, DPT, GCS, NCS
  2. Utilization of Physical Therapy Services During a Student Service Learning Project to Guatemala
    Bonnie Cramer, SPT; Hannah Hourie-Collins, SPT; Lucas Willers, SPT;
    Mentor: Holly Roberts, PT, DPT, GCS, NCS