Dr. Danny McMillian Travels to East Africa

While on sabbatical this semester, Dr. Danny McMillian traveled to East Africa to work with two physical therapy programs. In Ethiopia, Dr. McMillian provided clinical mentorship for physical therapists pursuing a transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (tDPT) degree, one of only two such programs in Africa. The purpose of the tDPT program is to enhance the professional education of the 17 participating PTs, who will then teach advanced clinical skills to other PTs in the country.

In Rwanda, Dr. McMillian provided classroom instruction in orthopedic manual therapy for 14 students in the second year of a four-year program. He also provided clinical mentorship to several fourth-year students on internships at local hospitals. Those experiences provided insight into the effect of the academic instruction on clinical skills, allowing him to then work closely with the faculty of the program and national allied health leaders to identify potential areas of collaboration with the Ethiopian tDPT program and institutions in the USA.

In the fall, Dr. McMillian will discuss this experience and opportunities for PTs in global health at a campus event.