Essentials of Private Practice

Course Description/Overview
Do you dream of owning your own Physical Therapy practice someday? Do you want to shape the goals, vision and culture of a clinic that represents your ideas? Starting and running a private practice is not for everyone. Practice owners work long hours, are responsible for patient care, marketing, clinic management and all aspects of clinic functioning. But if you are a motivated individual who has a vision and goal to be an owner then a private practice can be a very rewarding experience. In addition to bringing strong clinical skills to bear a private practice owner has to hone their business skills. This course, designed to feature the highlights of private practice will provide insights as to what constitutes a vibrant practice. 

Questions to be considered include how soon out of school should I open a practice? Should I have a partner? What kind of patients do I want to care for?  Cash based or insurance based? How do I decide what equipment to buy? How big a practice do I want? 

Essentials of Private Practice will highlight Business Planning, Budgeting, Human Resources, Benefits, Compliance, Credentialing, Marketing, Leases, Hiring/Firing and Retention of Employees