Advanced Seating and Wheelchair Prescription

Course Description/Overview:
This course will be an advanced synthesis of applied anatomy, neurophysiology of tone management, observational analysis of alignment and observational movement analysis for optimal upper extremity mechanics for wheelchair propulsion.

This course will begin with a review of anatomical interactions for seated postural alignment when there are mechanical limitations to free skeletal movement. We will then move onto the foundation of orthotic seating intervention to minimize postural deviations and abnormal tone responses in the presence of paralysis. Seating interventions will be discussed in this light and students will have the opportunity to work on at least one patient case where the intervention will be adjustment of current equipment following the orthotic paradigm.

Manual wheelchair prescription for maximum functional independence will be the next focus.  Dynamic balance characteristics of chair configurations and interfacing wheelchair parameters with functional habits and abilities will be discussed. Upper extremity protection and configuring a wheelchair for optimal push mechanics will be overviewed. Students will have the opportunity to work with at least one patient case and complete a wheelchair prescription and create all supporting documents to facilitate acquisition of the equipment.

This course will consist of lecture and lab components. Labs will incorporate clinical examination of seating and wheelchair prescription clients.