Advanced Physical Therapy for Performing Artists

Course Description/Overview
This course will provide physical therapy students with an opportunity for advanced study in the treatment of performing artists. Physical therapists are crucial to the health and safety of performing artists, and are integral to the health care team considering the functional uniqueness of each of the performing arts genres. 

Physical therapists are heavily relied upon in this field due to the pressure of “staying on stage.” This course will discuss the intricacy of working with performing artists of all kinds including dancers, gymnasts, musicians, aerialists, etc. There will be hands-on training and interaction with professional artists from several genres including dancers from Pacific Northwest Ballet and local musicians and aerialists. The course will combine classroom and lab activities and include:

  • functional analysis of the performing artist
  • current evidence on topics relevant to the performing artist
  • discussion of norms and industry standards for performing artists
  • manual therapy (joint and soft tissue) techniques specific to performing artists
  • injury prevention strategies
  • quick “backstage” injury screen techniques
  • taping and bracing techniques
  • discussion of ethical and moral issues related to the performing artist