What We Believe

The School of Education is one of three graduate programs at the University of Puget Sound.  As a highly selective liberal arts college in the Pacific Northwest, Puget Sound is a place where people come together — to learn, to make lasting connections, and in the case of the School of Education, to take their first steps in careers that are of vital importance to society today.   

The mission of the university is to develop in its students the capacities for critical analysis, active inquiry, and civic engagement. Such an education seeks to liberate each person's fullest intellectual and human potential to assist in the unfolding of creative and useful lives.

School of Education’s goals are commensurate with this mission. Faculty in the School of Education don’t just teach, they mentor in classrooms, their offices, and school placements.  Small classes foster vibrant discussions and an active inquiry into what it means to teach or counsel.  It’s not just what we say to each other in class, but what is said in the hallways and at informal settings beyond the university.  That’s what a cohort experience is all about – mutual growth into complex and exciting careers.

We also believe in the value of written expression, but we place a particular emphasis on writing that is grounded in the day-to-day world of education – planning documents, analyses of student artifacts, and reflections on practice.  

The historic goals of the M.A.T. program are to promote among its students:

  • a deep understanding of subject matter and pedagogies that teach for understanding
  • the ability to manage the complexities of teaching
  • the ability to promote the teaching-learning of challenging content
  • the ability to reflect on their own practice, to look for principles underlying what “works” or “does not work,” and to persist in determining their own appropriate practice
  • a commitment to serving everyone’s children, particularly those who historically have not been well served by traditional schooling
  • the ability to learn and work in a collaborative fashion and to create settings in which others can learn and work
  • the capacity to engage in the remaking of the profession and the renewal of schools with an understanding of the social and cultural context in which students live and learn.

The M.Ed. (Counseling) program is designed so that its graduates are able to:

  • promote counselee growth and development by intervening in multiple contexts with individuals, groups, families, and organizations
  • understand and apply multiple theories of human behavior and development to promote positive change
  • use multiple sources of information, including data and other evidence, to promote counselee growth and inform their own practice
  • work effectively and collaboratively with diverse populations and environments.

We think we’ve crafted just the right place for you to start your career as a teacher or counselor.  If you are interested, give us a call 253.879.3375 or contact us by email at kstump@pugetsound.edu.