Secondary Education (Grades 5-12)

As a secondary education candidate, you will work with adolescents and teenagers at multiple grade levels and be inspired by their curiosity, questions, intelligence, and unique ways of being.

The M.A.T. program purposefully integrates intentional school-based placements in local public schools with coursework focused on learning to plan, teach, assess, and actively develop cultural competence.

Upon completion of this one-year program you will earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree and a Washington State residency certificate, in one or more endorsement areas, certifying you to teach at the middle and high school levels. Explore endorsement areas offered below.



Language Arts


Social Studies



Strong Mentoring

School-based and faculty mentors intentionally support your growth as an educator.

Collaborative Cohort

M.A.T. colleagues and small classes provide you opportunities for sustained and meaningful collaborative engagement.

Personalized Teaching Placements

School-based experiences are tailored to your goals and interests.

Intentional Partnerships

Long-term partnerships provide contexts for learning with and from local educators.