Social Scientific Approaches

(one unit to be taken during the first three years)

Learning Objectives

The social sciences provide systematic approaches to understanding relationships that arise among individuals, organizations, or institutions. Students in a course in the Social Scientific Approach to Knowing acquire an understanding of theories about individual or collective behavior within a social environment and of the ways that empirical evidence is used to develop and test those theories.


  1. Courses in Social Scientific Approaches
    1. explore assumptions embedded in social scientific theories and
    2. examine the importance of simplifying or describing observations of the world in order to construct a model of individual or collective behavior.
  2. Courses in Social Scientific Approaches require students to apply a social scientific theory as a way of understanding individual or collective behavior.

Approved Courses

  • COMM 156 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 160 Introduction to Organizational Communication
  • COMM 181 Introduction to Online Communication
  • COMM 252 Health Communication Campaigns
  • ECON 101 Introduction to Markets and Macroeconomics
  • HON 214 Social Scientific Approaches to Knowing
  • IPE 101 Introduction to International Political Economy
  • PG 101 Introduction to U.S. Politics
  • PG 102 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PG 103 Introduction to International Relations
  • PG 104 Introduction to Political Theory
  • PHIL 106 Language, Knowledge, and Power
  • PSYC 225 Social Psychology
  • SOAN 101 Introduction to Sociology
  • SOAN 103 Social Problems
  • SOAN 230 Indigenous Peoples: Alternative Political Economies
  • SOAN 301 Power and Inequality