International Baccalaureate Examination Policy

The University of Puget Sound may grant 1 unit of lower division credit for a student's results on each International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level Examination passed with a score of 5, 6, or 7. The details regarding specific course exemptions are listed below for each examination. Additionally, if a student has earned the IB Diploma, 1 unit of lower division elective credit will be allowed for the Theory of Knowledge. Students will be allowed up to a total of 6 units based on IB results. Students with both IB and Advanced Placement (AP) examination results will be allowed a combined maximum of 8 units.

Note that IB results may apply as electives or to a major/minor but may not be applied to university core requirements. (A student seeking advanced standing within a department may be required to complete a placement examination, the results of which may be used to adjust the amount of credit granted.) Also note that a student who earns an exemption from a Puget Sound course who also takes that course (or a course preparatory to the exempted course) is subject to a revision of the original IB evaluation and a possible reduction of credit.

The university's goal in granting credit for IB Examinations is to award students a fair amount of credit for the advanced study in high school; to ensure that students are placed in the next appropriate course, should they decide to continue study in that discipline; and to direct students into courses that will supplement their academic achievement in high school.

Use the link below to view the details regarding course exemptions for each examination.

IB Exam Policy (Effective Fall 2017 for May 2017 examinations)