Caudal Lamellae of Carolina Zygoptera

Here are a series of images of the caudal lamellae of Carolina damselflies (Odonata, Zygoptera). These images were drawn by Lynn Erckmann at the University of North Carolina in 1966, from live larvae collected in North and South Carolina. An attempt was made to choose a typical individual as a model, but all of the species are variable. Nevertheless, the differences shown correspond to species differences for the most part.

Most of the species of damselflies of the Carolinas are included here, but a few, for which no larvae could be found during this project, are missing (Calopteryx amata, C. angustipennis, Lestes congener, L. forcipatus, L. inaequalis, Argia apicalis, A. translata, Enallagma sulcatum, Ischnura prognata). On the other hand, as the Carolinas have such a rich zygopteran fauna, these images are of value throughout much of the East.