The Delta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa fosters and recognizes excellence in liberal arts education through nomination or selection of students for three types of scholarships. All undergraduate students enrolled in nonprofessional academic areas of study at the University of Puget Sound are eligible for consideration.

Student Scholarships & Awards

Myra Lupton Undergraduate Scholarship
This newly-established scholarship is awarded each year to a first-generation student at the University of Puget Sound or University of Washington. First-generation is defined as having parents or guardians who have not received an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Students submit applications to the Scholarship Committee, which reviews applications for selection. 

2020 Recipient
Emily Rathburn


Campbell Scholarships
The Campbell Scholarship is awarded each year to one or more Puget Sound students who are studying abroad for the completion of a project or course of study that fosters cultural understanding.  Students submit applications to the Scholarship Committee, which reviews applications for selection. 

2020 Recipients
Chloe Bouchy will research the gendered consequences of colonialism among Maori communities in New Zealand.
Fielding Burnette will participate in a study abroad program in Senegal.
Sean Grealish will research on climate change policy in Denmark and Norway.
Rocio Guevara Perez and Laure Mounts will participate in a study abroad program in Greece.

2019 Recipient
Sarah Czarnecki researched the #MeToo movement in France.

2018 Recipients
Molly McLean researched unique connections between Buenos Aires and theatre.
Karlee Robinson examined the relationship between Dublin’s music scene and national identity.

2017 Recipients
Sam Berling took an intensive Hungarian language course.
Zoe Branch conducted a rhetorical analysis of French national identity.

2016 Recipients
Rachel Skene explored the relationship between immigrant and refugee communities and French Society as reflected in the national media and social media.
Jessica Wiken researched cardiovascular health in rural and urban female populations in Northern India.

2015 Recipient
Marissa Croft conducted an ethnobotanical examination of the use of flowers in contemporary French life.

2014 Recipients
Emily Brown studied memory of the Holocaust in Poland. 
Kaari Selven studied Monet's impressionist art in France. 

2013 Recipient
Parker Raup studied environmental representation and tourist education in Tanzania. 

2012 Recipient
Phillip H. Brenfleck studied Daoist martial arts and contemporary Daoism at Wudang.

2011 Recipient
Jenny Kim studied genocide and history education in Cambodia.

2010 Recipients
Emily Swisher studied open-air markets in France.
Roger Shiu examined the phenomenon of young men who retreat from Japanese society.

2009 Recipient
Conrad Gowellis studied the conservation of tropical game fishes.

2008 Recipient
Nhung (Kate) Trinh studied the efficacy of macro financial policies in China and Vietnam.

2007 Recipient
TaReva Warrick-Stone studied "Mourchidat" women performing Imam duties in Morocco.

2005 Recipients
Cassie Halladin studied the primary school educational system in France.
Emily Ehrlich examined the conservation of biodiversity in New Zealand’s national parks.
Elise Kruidenier studied the work and life of Gustave Courbet while in France.


James Slater Scholarships
The Slater Scholarship is awarded to one or more rising seniors who have earned a grade point average of 3.8 or higher and who exhibit breadth across the liberal arts curriculum, especially in the areas of math and foreign language.

2020 Recipients
Helena Heyer-Gray
Lukas Karoly

2019 Recipient
Sarah Walling-Bell

2018 Recipients
Alia Kabir
Kara Lamar

2017 Recipients
Matt Fergoda
Lizzi Hahn

2016 Recipients
Suzy Eiffert
Matthew Moreno

2015 Recipients
Alex Plant
Gavin Tranter

2014 Recipients
Kaitlyn Ainslee
Mary Packard

2013 Recipients
David Ho
Guinn Ellen Dunn

2012 Recipients
Kevin Halasz
Nathan Pincus
Vienna Saccomanno

2011 Recipients
Westrey Page
Chris McGee

2010 Recipients
Erin Griffiths
Kerry Guyer

2009 Recipient
Caroline McClure

2008 Recipients
Sarah Glancy
Heather Jacobson

2007 Recipient
Eric Schneider

2006 Recipient
Christine Vanos

2005 Recipients
Jennifer Davis
Andrew Meyer


Gerald J. Oppenheimer Undergraduate Scholarship
Each spring the Delta Scholarship Committee considers undergraduates with at least a 3.8 GPA (applicants must also be eligible for financial aid based on FAFSA). The committee reviews submitted essays and submits the nominations for consideration for the scholarship.  Application.

2018-2019 Recipients
Ayla Crosby
Juliano Estrada Donatelli, Ellsworth C. Alvord Jr. Scholar
Amber Menchio

2017-2018 Recipient 
Rebecca Miserlian

2016-2017 Recipients
Lillian Bengston
Frances Klatt

2015-2016 Recipients
Melaine Bussan, Ellsworth C. Alvord Jr. Scholar
Matthew Moreno 
Kylie Young

2014-2015 Recipients 
Cassandra Mcmurry
Renee Meschi, Ellsworth C. Alvord Jr. Scholar
Lauren Stuck

2013-2014 Recipients 
Arielle Freed
William Rathje

2011-2012 Recipients 
Stuart Drake
Ariana Scott-Zechlin

2010-2011 Recipients 
Jessica Erickson
Mike Knape, Ellsworth C. Alvord Jr. Schola

2009-2010 Recipients
Katherine Buckley
Greg Kirkpatrick
Lauren Vandenberg

2008-2009 Recipients
Raphaela Haessler
Elizabeth Kearsey
Lauren Roles

2007-2008 Recipients
Sarah Glancy
Elena Martinis
Madeline Ryen

2006-2007 Recipients
Rachel Gross
Tristan Orford

2005-2006 Recipients
Jason Bensch
Christine Vanos


Ernest R. Stiefel Graduate Study Award 
This award is a competitive scholarship for which Puget Sound students who have already been elected to Phi Beta Kappa may apply.  The Puget Sound Association of Phi Beta Kappa provides scholarship funding in support of graduate study at either the University of Puget Sound or the University of Washington.  For more information see:  Puget Sound scholarship recipients have included

2013 Recipient
Madeline Issacson

2012 Recipient
Rachael Gary

2004 Recipient
Katie Briggs

2002 Recipient
Julie Garner


Faculty Scholarships & Awards

Phi Beta Kappa fosters and promotes the liberal arts through the scholarships and awards it bestows upon those who have excelled in the liberal arts and sciences. This is done through fellowships, service awards and literary awards.

The Sidney Hook Memorial Award recognizes national distinction by a single scholar in each of three endeavors - scholarship, undergraduate teaching, and leadership in the cause of liberal arts education.

The Mary Isabel Sibley Fellowship, established by a bequest from Miss Isabel Stone in honor of her mother, is awarded annually to young women who wish to study Greek or French language and literature.

The Walter J. Jensen Fellowship, aimed to help educators and researchers improve the study of French in the U.S., is awarded annually for six months of study in France.

The Award for Distinguished Service to the Humanities is given to recognized individuals who have made significant contributions in the field of the humanities.

The Romanell-PBK Professorship is awarded annually, on a nonrenewable basis, to scholars in the field of philosophy, without restriction to any one school of philosophical thought. The professorship is intended to recognize not only distinguished achievement but also the recipient’s contribution or potential contribution to public understanding of philosophy.

The Phi Beta Kappa Book Awards, which are sponsored by the Phi Beta Kappa Society, are given annually in December to outstanding scholarly books that have been published in the United States in the fields of the humanities, the social sciences, the natural sciences and mathematics.

Further information about these scholarships and awards may be obtained through the PBK Web site,