We're here to help.

We're here to help.

Our group can help you make the best, most efficient technology choices to meet your learning objectives! Find out more about how an Educational Technologist can support technology use in your teaching practice.

What We Do

Meet the Educational Technologists


Kaity Peake
Educational Technologist
for the Arts & Humanities

Kaity Peake has worked in Educational Technology since 2016. A former English & Technology teacher, Kaity's transition into digital education began when she was placed into a classroom with broken computers that required creativity and problem-solving to turn into viable tools for classroom use. That experience led her into the world of Educational Technology and the challenges and rewards faculty face in using technology well. She has since earned her Master in Digital Educational Leadership at Seattle Pacific University where she is explored innovative and best practices in using digital tools and resources to enhance instruction.


When not running around campus with a laptop and a crazed look in her eye, Kaity enjoys DIY projects, roller derby, and walking her dogs.



Paul Monaghan

Paul Monaghan
Educational Technologist
for Math & Sciences

Paul Monaghan has been with the University of Puget Sound since March 1997. He is an alum of UPS and former work study student in Technology Services. Paul's office is located in Thompson Hall. He supports the computer labs and servers for the Sciences as well as other technology located in Thompson and Harned Hall.

Paul enjoys playing basketball, running, and hiking when he is not working.



Lauren Nicandri
Educational Technologist
for the Social Sciences & Health Sciences

Lauren Nicandri has been at the University of Puget Sound since 2009.  As a former secondary social studies teacher, she is familiar with classroom teaching, and understands the demands on the instructor during high pressure situations.  She is also experienced at implementing technology into coursework.  Her passions are consulting with faculty about how and when to use technology in their curriculum, and creating and implementing faculty and professional development opportunities.  She currently serves as a member of the NWACC Steering Committee, and has had the opportunity to facilitate, present, and plan local edtech-related conferences.

When she's not "edteching," Lauren enjoys finding great new places to visit in Tacoma, drinking tea, and exploring the Pacific Northwest as a nature enthusiast with her husband, and their dog, Rufus.