Security Services

Security Services operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Security Services is a division of Student Affairs.

To request assistance or initiate emergency response on campus, call 253.879.3311 (or ext. 3311 from a campus phone) or dial 911.

There are seven emergency towers on campus. Contact Security Services Dispatch directly from any tower.


  • Admits
  • Escorts
  • Parking Permits
  • Keys
  • Card Access
  • After Hours Assistance
  • Emergencies

Make Healthy Transportation Choices

The university supports and encourages alternative modes of transportation. Riding a bicycle, walking, sharing rides and using public transportation all reduce the impact vehicles have on campus and the environment. The university also has Zipcars (a car sharing company) available on campus.  For Bus information visit the Pierce Transit Trip Planner website at Pierce Transit.

Sustainability on the Road this site includes various commuting options, such as: walking, commuter rail, carpools, biking, Zipcar, bus, and more. 

Bicycle Safety Recommendations

--U-Bolt locks are highly recommended for bicycle security. Available at the Bookstore.

--Always put your lock through the frame of your bicycle.

--When riding your bicycle, always wear your helmet.

--Register your bicycle

Each of the Puget Sound residence halls have space for bike storage. For off campus students, there are bike racks outside of most academic buildings and covered racks on the south side of Wheelock Student Center. Please do not secure bikes to handrails, benches or landscaping.