Exhibit Archive

  • 2017-18 exhibits
    Am I Safe: Clarissa Sligh, One.Dot.Sumi: Fumiko Kimura, Phenomenal and Liberal, Latent Home: Christopher Paul Jordan, Guardians, Warriors, and Allies: Gustavo Martinez, 2018 Art Students Annual, Michael Johnson: Sculpture, Rewriting Tradition: Modern Chinese Landscape and Calligraphy, 2018 Senior Show
  • 2016-17 exhibits
    Retro Colby: a Bill Colby Retrospective, Under Construction Summer Residency Show, Past and Present Faculty, 2016 Art Students Annual, What Happened Here: Puget Sound Studio Alumni, Behind the Pines: Isabella Gresser, Painting the National Parks: Preserving A.W. Hill’s Experience, 2017 Senior Show
  • 2015-16 exhibits
    A Life in Art: Betty Sapp Ragan Retrospective 1969–2014, Rita Robillard: Here and Then: Timeless Migrations, Aaron Badham: Inflated Fabrications, Deborah Kahn: Paintings, James Allen: Anesidora, 2016 Senior Show