Date Performed

Huldingungsmarsch R. Wagner 10/17/2013
First Suite in E-flat G. Holst 10/17/2013
Fugue a la Gigue trans. Holst 10/17/2013
Ecstatic Fanfare S. Bryant 12/6/2013
Elegy for a Young American R. Lo Presti 12/6/2013
The Three Embraces c. Pann 12/6/2013
March from Symphonic Metamorphosis P. Hindemith 12/6/2013
O Magnum Mysterium H. R. Reynolds 1/8/2014
Sonatina for Donal Michalsky from Five Duets for Clarinets I. Dahl 1/8/2014
Hammersmith: Prelude and Scherzo, Opus 52 G. Holst 1/8/2014
Duett Concertino R. Wilhelm 1/8/2014
Matins M. Shrude 3/8/2014
The House of Life R. Hutchinson 3/8/2014
Antiphonal Fanfare A. Sternfeld-Dunn 3/8/2014
This Life Glowed C. Arell. 3/8/2014
Symhpony No. 4 D. Maslanka 4/11/2014