Date Performed

Bonse Aba (Traditional Zambian Song) arr. Fischer 10/28/17
The Pasture from Where the Earth Meets the Sky Z. Stroope 10/28/17
Carrickfergus (Irish Folksong) arr. Caldwell & Ivory 10/28/17
Bridge Over Troubled Water arr. Shaw 10/28/17
Alleluia, Rejoice arr. Hughes 12/5/17
Bethlehem arr. Hughes & Loose 12/5/17
See Amid the Winter Snow D. Forrest 12/5/17
Night of Silence D. Kantor 12/5/17
Merry Christmas, Darling F. Pooler & Carpenter 12/5/17
Wassail Song English Traditional 12/5/17
The First Nowell arr. Wilberg 12/5/17

True Light

K. Hampton 12/5/17
Processional- Chaconne in C Major D. Buxtehude 5/1/18
Omnia Sol (Let Your Heart be Staid) Z. R. Stroope 5/1/18
Good Night, My Love J. Runestad 5/1/18
In Remembrance J. L. Ames 5/1/18

I Will be a Child of Peace

(Traditional Shaker Hymn)

E. Hagenberg 5/1/18
Cornerstone S. Kirchner 5/1/18