Work Composer Date Performed
En Ego Campana J. Handl 11/1/2008
Lullabye for Lucy P.M. Davies 11/1/2008
Banks of Doon D.G. Schultz 11/1/2008
Ye Followers of the Lamb Shaker Song; Arr. E.E. Ferguson 11/1/2008
O Music L. Mason 5/5/2009
Blessed Be God G.F. Handel 5/5/2009
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye Irish Folk Song; Arr. A. Parker 5/5/2009
The May Night J. Brahms 5/5/2009
The Sheperdess French Folk Song; Arr. M. Widberg 5/5/2009
In Remembrance Eleanor Daley 5/5/2009
Ton The J. and R. Gilmore; Arr. S. Brumfield 5/5/2009
Ain'-a That good News W. Dawson 5/5/2009