Subject Description
Art - Studio

ARTS 289 | Machine Art and Installation

In this course students will combine two forms of creative practice: installation art and machine art. In doing so we will learn to construct environments that transform the spaces we inhabit and make site-specific artworks that reimagine the way we interact with our world. We will develop a creative practice of machine art--where we design and interact with technology to create dynamic and interactive installations. We will learn how to program and control physical systems such as lights, motors, sensors, and computer-numerical control (CNC) machines.

ARTS 498 | Internship Seminar

This scheduled weekly interdisciplinary seminar provides the context to reflect on concrete experiences at an off-campus internship site and to link these experiences to academic study relating to the political, psychological, social, economic and intellectual forces that shape our views on work and its meaning. The aim is to integrate study in the liberal arts with issues and themes surrounding the pursuit of a creative, productive, and satisfying professional life. Students receive 1.0 unit of academic credit for the academic work that augments their concurrent internship fieldwork.

ARTS 482 | Advanced Printmaking

Students develop independent projects with print media, furthering their critical thinking and artistic growth. Students engage in a concentrated study and studio practice. Print matrices and substrates may be examined as tools for editing, variation, accumulation, distribution or other means. Students investigate scale and format with their projects and have the opportunity to explore relationships between printmaking and other media such as installation, digital media, and textiles.

ARTS 450 | Advanced Painting

This course promotes the exploration of personal artistic motivations and independent relationships to processes and materials. Students are encouraged to work from the figure, pushing issues of scale and experimentation with materials for 4 - 5 weeks of the semester. Additionally, students expand upon their understandings of process, media, and conceptual issues, generating an independent, advanced series of work. Students also examine and interrogate contemporary artistic issues and trends in written and oral forms of communication.

ARTS 390 | Themes, Methods, and Making

In this upper-level studio course, students engage in art practices that explore distinct forms of research, reflection, and making to address overarching themes and concepts. Student art making will be informed by shared readings, discussion, and explorations of familiar and new forms and formats. Students will explore a range of criteria for making, critiquing, and sharing artwork with audiences in different settings. Students will also document, reflect, and present their own artistic practices using autoethnographic research methods.