Minimum Preparation

  • Must be from an APA-accredited or CPA-accredited training program in clinical or counseling psychology.
  • Must be in good standing with the home academic department and deemed ready for internship.
    • Must have defended the dissertation proposal and passed comprehensive exams by the application deadline.
  • Must have at least 425 intervention hours on the APPI. This may include telehealth intervention hours.
  • Must have worked with at least 20 adult individual clients.
    • Interns can see upwards of 14-18 clients per week during peak times of the semester. Given this, applicants need to have solid experience conducting individual therapy with adults to handle the caseload on internship.
  • Must have experience providing services to clients with moderate psychopathology (ex: mood and anxiety disorders, interpersonal or personality disorder traits, trauma or abuse recovery, eating disorder or body image disturbance, the family of origin dynamics, complicated bereavement, alcohol/drug abuse, or dependence, sexual, gender and cultural identity issues, etc.).
  • Must be comfortable providing therapy to a diverse clientele (e.g., differences in race, ethnicity, physical and cognitive abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, socioeconomic status, etc.).
  • College counseling experience is preferred but not required. Overall, the fit is important.