This fall the nine justices of the "traveling" Washington Supreme Court visited Puget Sound and heard legal cases onstage, before the public. Several of the justices also sat in on classes, including this one.

The 17 students, variously clad in busted-knee jeans, leggings, hiking boots, puffer jackets, and a lone plaid flannel shirt, were pretty quiet for the first 25 minutes as two Washington Supreme Court justices talked about their work to the class Thinking Ethically: What Is Justice? Then it was question time. A hand popped up.

“I want to go into law,” said Emily Nygard ’19. “And I find I come to class and talk about justice issues, and then I’m talking about them for the rest of the day, because I’m, like, so riled up.” Emily wanted to know how the justices leave it all behind when they go home.