Accommodation Request Process

Request for Accommodation Form (PDF)

  1. To request an accommodation for a medical condition or disability, please submit a Request for Accommodation form (linked above) and supporting medical documentation to the Benefits team in Human Resources at Medical documentation should be recent and include the nature of the medical condition/disability, the specific accommodation being requested, and the time frame of the accommodation.
  2. HR/Benefits will provide you with a copy of your job description to assist you and your medical provider in determining an accommodation that supports you in performing the essential functions of your role.
  3. Once the Request for Accommodation form with medical documentation has been received, HR/Benefits will review the documentation for completeness.
  4. After ensuring the documentation is complete, HR/Benefits will contact your supervisor (staff) or your department chair and/or provost (faculty) regarding the accommodation request. The nature of the medical condition/disability will remain confidential; however, the specific accommodation being requested and the time frame will be shared.
  5. Your supervisor (staff) or your academic chair and provost (faculty), in consultation with HR/Benefits, will consider the accommodation being requested to determine if it is reasonable in nature, supports you in performing the essential functions of your job, and supports the university and department needs.
  6. The final determination regarding requests for accommodation will be communicated to you in writing from HR/Benefits, including information about the time frame of the approved accommodation.