Sound Policy Institute partners with faculty and staff across departments, majors and programs to help set up experiences in the outdoors, on campus and in the community around sustainability and environmental issues that incorporate high-impact educational practices.

Examples include:
  • A camping trip in Eastern Washington to visit sources of residential electricity and learn about their cultural and environmental impacts;
  • An online presentation about the history of The Tribal Canoe Journeys in partnership with an Art History course and a Civic Engagement course;
  • A lecture series examining dominant views of outdoor culture and working towards redefining those views from an anti-racist perspective in partnership with Puget Sound Outdoors and the Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement;
  • An overnight sailing excursion to learn about current environmental issues affecting the Salish Sea from diverse perspectives; 
  • Place-based visits with community partners in the Tacoma Tideflats integrated with classroom learning over the course of a semester;
  • A tour of an oyster farm to learn about the impacts of Ocean Acidification on the local shellfish economy; and
  • A civic engagement panel on environmental policy at the local and state level attended by several classes.


Partnering for a Class or Project

Depending on timing and availability Sound Policy Institute can work with faculty to tailor an experience outdoors, in the community, or on campus to academic goals. This can include arranging logistics and transportation, finding speakers, hosting online events, preparing students, risk management, leading reflective activities and following up with guests and students after programs.