Saturday mornings in Tacoma are iconic. They are full without being busy, and laid back with things to do but no rush to get them done.

To get you in a Saturday mood, grab a coffee or tea in the Proctor District. Olympia Coffee Roasters is a great option for a local spot.  If you are looking for a more substantial breakfast head across the street to  Waffle Stop, a student favorite, or Top Pot Donuts, a Seattle-based chain. In the mood for lunch? Try out Toast Mi, a Vietnamese restaurant specializing in Banh Mi, or the specialty deli at Metropolitan Market.

Browse local, Washington-based products in Compass RoseT Town Trading Co, and the Pacific Northwest Shop or take a ten-minute walk north on Proctor Ave to check out the houseplants at Garden Sphere. Proctor is also home to the historic Blue Mouse Theater and Chalet Bowl.

Interested in a longer walk? Head to Puget Park at the intersection of Proctor Ave and 30th St and take the Puget Park Trail to the Tacoma Waterfront on Ruston Way where you can find a spot to sit on the shores of the Puget Sound. Keep your eyes out for a seal, sea lion, or (occasionally) orca whales!