Diversity is one of Puget Sound's core values, and we are charged by this value to "seek diversity of identity, thought, perspective, and background in our students, faculty, and staff." In addition to recognizing the importance of diversity in our core values, "Goal One" of Puget Sound's Diversity Strategic Plan indicates "we will increase the recruitment and retention of students, staff, and faculty from underrepresented minority groups."

Search chairs working with Human Resources can develop diverse candidate pools by focusing on diversity in each stage of the recruitment process as described below:

Preparing the requisition:

  • What you can do:
    • Be specific about how this position, as well as your overall department, works to achieve the university's core value of diversity.
  • How HR helps:
    • The "Commitment to Diversity" statement is included in the recruitment announcement for all faculty and staff positions. This information will be included on the Puget Sound Web announcement of your position, as well as other advertising venues for your position.

Advertising your position:

  • Here are the standard diversity advertising sources we use, but you may include other preferred sources:
  • How HR helps:
    • Our "University Diversity Statement" and "Equal Opportunity Statement" are linked on our main Employment web page to emphasize the university's commitment to diversity and equal opportunity in employment.
    • We will suggest advertising resources (print, Web, and other local events) that specialize in diversity recruitment.

Networking for potential candidates:

  • What you can do:
    • Consult with the Vice President of Institutional Equity & Diversity about how to emphasize the university's commitment to diversity, as highlighted through current events or initiatives, as you talk with prospective candidates.
    • Attend campus and community events (for example, events celebrating diversity) to network with those who may be or may know of potential candidates for your position.
  • How HR helps:
    • We will send your announcement to various organizations who advertise our positions to underrepresented populations.
    • We participate in career fairs and networking events designed to reach candidates from underrepresented populations.

Conducting interviews:

  • What you can do:
    • Ask questions that address cultural competency and assess candidates' experience in work environments committed to diversity (see resource below).
    • When appropriate, based on the functions of the job, include student leaders of campus diversity groups or clubs, members of the Faculty Diversity Committee, and/or members of the Diversity Advisory Committee in interview groups.
    • Ensure that interview locations are accessible for candidates, search committee members, and guests. Consult with HR if you have questions.
  • How HR helps:
    • We have included interview questions that address cultural competency in our Sample Interview Questions tool.
    • Consider referencing the Diversity Strategic Plan in your interview process.

On-boarding (transitioning to university work environment):

  • What you can do:
    • Participate in and invite your new colleague to accompany you to events or initiatives in support of the Diversity Strategic Plan.
    • Consult with Human Resources if a new staff member indicates they need a job accommodation due to a disability.
    • Know your responsibilities as a supervisor under the university's Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Sexual Misconduct so you can be an effective resource if staff have concerns about possible discriminatory harassment.
    • Consider opportunities to support flexible work arrangements.
  • How HR helps:
    • We will provide you with a Department Checklist for New Staff Members to help ensure your successful on-boarding of new staff members to the university.
    • We cover the university's commitment to diversity, and our policy preventing discrimination and harassment, in New Staff Orientation.
    • We address cultural competency in the Orientation process