The following lesson plan materials are provided with each kit. In addition, we have teaching lesson videos for all of the Nature in the Classroom kits on YouTube. We recommend going over these materials before your lesson and adjusting them as needed. If you have additional questions or can't find the materials you're looking for, please email us.

Teaching Materials

Lesson 1: Wild Things Nature Journals — Naturalists-in-Training

Lesson 2: Urban Bird Diversity — Birdiversity!

Lesson 3: Tooth Sleuth — Tacoma Mammal Puzzler

Leaves of Change: A Lesson in Paleobotany

Nature in the Classroom lessons were designed in consultation with the Tacoma School District to ensure they meet 4th and 5th grade science standards.

Washington State Science Standards Emphasized in Nature in the Classroom


  • 4-5 LS 1A: Plants and animals can be sorted according to their structures and behaviors.
  • 4-5 LS1B: Each animal has different structures and behaviors that serve different functions.
  • 4-5 LS1D: Plants and animals have structures and behaviors that respond to internal needs.

Scientific Thinking Skills:

  • 4-5 INQA: Scientific investigations involve asking and answering questions and comparing the answers with evidence from the real world.
  • 4-5 INQD: Investigations involve systematic collection and recording of relevant observations and data.
  • 4-5 INQH: Scientists communicate the results of their investigations verbally and in writing. They review and ask questions about the results of other scientists' work.

Next Generation Science Standards Emphasized in Nature in the Classroom

  • 4-LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes