Visiting the Museum

The Nature in the Classroom and Leaves of Change lessons are designed to inspire curiosity and fascination for the natural world. It is our hope that students using our kits will desire to continue learning, discovering and asking questions about the world around them. Visiting the museum is an ideal "next step" for encouraging this desire to learn. During a trip at the museum, students will have the opportunity to see some of our more exotic specimens, learn how a specimen is prepared, and gain a better understanding and appreciation for museums and museum collections.

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Citizen Science Projects
Anyone can be a scientist. With the help of Citizen Science Projects like the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's "Project FeederWatch" or the National Phenology Network's "Nature's Notebook," our daily observations of the natural world become valuable data sets that contribute to novel scientific research around the country. All you have to do is observe!

Continue to Explore, Learn and Discover
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Local Opportunities
Get involved in your local community with nature walks, classes, camps, adventure, exploration and more!