Ordering Copier Supplies, including Paper, Toner, Staples, and Waste Toner Cartridges

Ordering Toner, Copier Staples, and Waste Toner Cartridges

Copier toner, staples, and waste toner cartridges are free from Print & Copy Services. You can order them through our online ordering system. We always have a supply on the shelf. You may request them any time you need them.

To place an order:

  1. Go to our online order system.
  2. Choose Order from the main menu.
  3. Select Service and Supplies for Departments.
  4. Select Copier Supplies: Toner, Staples, Waste Toner.
  5. Find your copier from the Copier Location dropdown menu.
  6. Select any toner, staples, or waste toner cartridges you require, and complete the form's remainder as needed.
  7. When you're finished, click Send.

Frequently asked questions about toner, staples, and waste toner cartridges:
How do I tell what color of toner I need?
How do I tell if my copier is getting low on toner?
How do I replace the toner in my copier?

How do I replace the staples in my copier?
Can I use these staples in my desktop stapler?

How do I tell when the waste toner cartridge needs to be replaced?
How do I replace the waste toner cartridge?
Does my copier use a waste toner cartridge?

Ordering Paper

Paper for your copier can also be ordered through our online order system.

Frequently asked questions about ordering paper:
What types/colors of paper do you have?
What are your standard paper sizes?