Information isn't engaging by default. How do we pique people's interest? Don't just tell them about our programs; tell the stories of this place.

The Need

How do we best share the great work of our students, the research and innovative programs of our faculty, and the inspiring accomplishments of our alumni? How can we create engaging content for the university website and other channels that showcases Puget Sound's distinctions?


Show, don't tell. In 2017, we launched Puget Sound Stories as part of the university website, exploring the experiences of Logger students, faculty, staff, alumni, and more. Stories range from long-form features and other content originally appearing in Arches alumni magazine to stand-alone pieces providing a glimpse into some of the many perspectives on campus.

With the launch of the new website design in 2021, stories can be featured on department and program landing pages, giving content editors more tools to share related university news, featured faculty members or students, special programs or activities, and more.

Solution Components
  • Strategic editorial and storytelling
  • Photography services

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Puget Sound stories are used regularly in The Hatchet, shared on our institutional social media channels, featured on the university homepage, and utilized by our partners across campus to showcase campus life and the great work of the Puget Sound community.

Put It Into Practice

We want to tell Puget Sound's stories—your stories. By elevating and promoting the experiences of Loggers, we can give prospective students a fuller picture of life at Puget Sound and help build lifelong relationships with Logger alumni, donors, and friends of the university.

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