TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 2020, 4:30 P.M.
To Students, Faculty, and Staff
From President Isiaah Crawford

The Budget Adjustment Group has completed its work and submitted its recommendations to me and members of Cabinet. Their confidential report, along with an introduction and high-level executive summary, is available for your review through Tuesday, June 9. You will need your Puget Sound login credentials to access the report. As indicated in the introduction, please let me know if you have any comments regarding the recommendations in the report by sending a message via pugetsound.edu/askus.

In these uncertain times, it is essential that we plan for changing circumstances not only for next year but in the years to come. Please know this document is part of our planning process—it does not represent decisions that have been made. Additional information will be available in the coming days related to projected enrollment for next year, which will have an important impact on our budget decisions.

I would like to commend again the members of the Budget Adjustment Group, named below, for their thoughtful work to develop the report, and the incoming and outgoing leadership of the faculty and staff senates for their consultation that will help inform difficult decisions on a range of budget adjustments that may be needed.

We will use this good work and counsel to develop recommendations to take to our board of trustees. Our goal will always be to ensure that the mission of Puget Sound continues to advance, while we maintain an academically rigorous and high quality experience for our students, and do everything we can to support our faculty and staff as we work through this challenging time together.