Date Performed

Rivers M. Tomaro 11/2/2015
Spirit of the West R. Lussier 11/2/2015
Moanin C. Mingus 11/2/2015
Just a Pretty Little Thing T. Kubis 11/2/2015
Blues in Hoss Flat F. Foster 11/2/2015
Better Days Ahead P. Metheney 2/11/2016
Second Thought S. Wiest 2/11/2016
My One and Only Love Wood and Mellin 2/11/2016
Slo Funk B. Mintzer 2/11/2016
Alone Together Schwartz 2/11/2016
Duet N. Hefti 2/11/2016
Once Around T. Jones 2/11/2016
Splanky C. Basie 2/11/2016
Bodysnatchers F. Sturm 2/11/2016
Love for Sale A. Baylock 4/29/2016
Every Time it Happens T. Jones 4/29/2016
Whilybird Bird C. Basie 4/29/2016
Blood Count B. Strayhorn, C. Basie 4/29/2016
Dolphin Dance B. Mintzer 4/29/2016
Sophisticated Lady D. Ellington 4/29/2016
Portrait of Louis Armstrong D. Ellington 4/29/2016
Donde Esta Yolanda Z. Armstrong 4/29/2016
Channei One Suite B. Rich 4/29/2016