Work Composer Date Performed
Minor's Holiday K. Dorham; Arr. by D. Sickler 11/3/2010
New Waltz W. Horvitz 11/3/2010
Raincheck B. Strayhorn 11/3/2010
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat C. Mingus; Arr. S. Johnson 11/3/2010
995 Fifth Avenue W. Horvitz 11/3/2010
(It's Just) Talk P. Metheny; Arr. by B. Curnow 11/3/2010
Groove Blues D. Menza 11/3/2010
Fables of Faubus C. Mingus; Arr. by Steve Slagle 3/10/2011
Isfahan B. Stayhorn 3/10/2011
Anthropology C. Parker; Arr. by Victor Goines 3/10/2011
Enlightenment S. Ra; Arr. by Adams and Horvitz 3/10/2011
Doxy S. Rollins 3/10/2011
Body and Soul Herman/Sour/Eyton/Green; Arr. by T. Newsom 3/10/2011
Pyramid J. Tizol; Arr. by J. Dodgian 3/10/2011
Self Portrait (Of a Bean) D. Ellington 3/10/2011
Chasin' After Love T. Akiyoshi 3/10/2011