Work Composer Date Performed
You Go to My Head Coots and Gillespie; Arr. by Bill Holman 11/11/2009
Getting Over (Bless Their Souls) J. Bozich 11/11/2009
Jack the Bear D. Ellington 11/11/2009
The Long Yellow Road T. Akiyoshi 11/11/2009
Waltz of the Gremlins T. Akiyoshi 11/11/2009
Transcience T. Akiyoshi 11/11/2009
March of the Tadpoles T. Akiyoshi 11/11/2009
After Mr. Teng T. Akiyoshi 11/11/2009
State of the Unison T. Akiyoshi 11/11/2009
Tip Toe T. Jones 2/24/2010
Tin Tin Deo D. Gillespie and C. Pozo 2/24/2010
Groove Merchant T. Jones 2/24/2010
War B. Marley; Arr. by C. Stover 2/24/2010
Ran Kan Kan T. Puente 2/24/2010
Berlin's Montuno Blues E. Palmieri 2/24/2010
Picadillo E. Palmieri 2/24/2010
No Me Molesto J. Zamora; Arr. by S. Bravo 2/24/2010
Mambo Sentimental M. Bauza; Arr. by R. Hernandez 2/24/2010