Work Composer Date Performed
Note: The repertoire for Fall 2008 is not available.  
Prodigal Son Revisited W. Horvitz 3/11/2009
Jadis, si je me souviens bien C. Stover 3/11/2009
Laura Mae's Getaway J. Knapp 3/11/2009
Janus W.O. Smith 3/11/2009
The Man with the Black Hat J. Wikan 3/11/2009
Encore Tune M. Nordahl 3/11/2009
All of Me Marks and Simons; Arr. by Billy Byers 4/29/2009
King Porter Stomp F. Morton; Arr. by F. Henderson 4/29/2009
My Old Flame S. Coslow; Arr. by M. Paich 4/29/2009
Moon Over Cuba J. Tizol; Arr. by D. Ellington 4/29/2009
Four Brothers J. Giuffre 4/29/2009
Deep Green and C. Stover 4/29/2009
Waiting for Jack T. Varner 4/29/2009
Moanin' C. Mingus; Arr. by S. Johnson 4/29/2009
Moonlight Serenade G. Miller 4/29/2009